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Jamco Suppliers are suppliers of air brake systems, parts and connections. We stock a wide and extensive range of air brake parts and components suitable for every make and model on the market.

Which Air Braking Systems Do We Supply?

Air Braking Systems

Fully functional air brakes are possibly the most essential component to ensuring your vehicle's safety. When the driver pushes down on the brake pedal, the vehicle's brake system uses hydraulics that apply force to each wheel through the use of pressurised fluid, in order to slow it down or bring it to a complete stop.

Be sure to get your brakes checked at regular intervals, typically every time you change or check your tyres.

Some Benefits Of Air Braking Systems

1. Air brake equipment is used in large heavy vehicles, particularly those having multiple trailers which must be linked into the vehicle's system, such as trucks, busses and trailers.

They are used as an alternative to hydraulic brakes which are used on lighter vehicles such as cars. The system consists of service brakes, parking brakes, a control pedal, and an air storage tank. Here are a few advantages of air brake equipment that can help you in the future.

2. It is reliable.

Air brake equipment is much more reliable than hydraulic brakes. It is very powerful and a single pedal can work all the air brake equipment in the system which makes everything much easier to control as there's less that can go wrong. It is further split into front and rear wheel circuits which receives compressed air from their individual reservoirs for added safety and causes fewer problems. If there is a leak or even if the compression mechanism completely fails, the brakes revert back to their default activated position and the vehicle will be brought to a standstill.

3. It is cost effective.

As an operating medium air costs nothing and is freely available. This is a source of energy which operates various equipment on the vehicle. Since air is so easily available, this significantly reduces the chance of failure due to leaks in the braking system. It's easy to maintain and adjust plus it gives you warning signs before they are about to fail. It has no leaking problems and if there are any minor leaks, it's not crucial because the compressor continually supplies more pressure. There is no pressure drop and air is transmitted faster. Air brake equipment lines have a large inside diameter.

4. The air brake equipment is very safe to use.

It comes with a safety back up which is called the spring brakes. When there is no air in the system the spring air activates. When the system has sufficient air for the regular brakes to function the spring is compressed. If the little red wig wag drops while the car is moving, the driver should know to pull over and try to stop before the spring brake activates and bring the car to a complete standstill, safely. You will still be able to drive the vehicle to a safe place where you can stop and check the car. There is no direct connection in any mechanical or hydraulic sense between the braking pedal and the wheel brake chambers. It is very easy to replace these truck and trailer parts and no bleeding is required when replacing these components.

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