The Most Important Commercial Truck Parts

Buying a commercial truck requires several important considerations. If you've already bought one for the transportation needs of your business, you are probably familiarized with the whole procedure and the main considerations about the commercial truck parts. What you need to know is that getting equipped with the right knowledge about the truck parts doesn't end up there. In fact, you will need it for the proper maintenance of your truck.

The Most Important Commercial Truck Parts


The engine of the commercial truck is the part that enables the main operation of the vehicle. It is distinguished by two segments: torque and power output. The term horsepower refers to the truck's ability to move, accelerate and cruise. When it comes to the torque, it's good to know that this segment defines the capability of the machine to carry and haul a load, move the load from one point to another, as well as to travel and haul loads up hills. Most commonly, commercial trucks are specified by the maximum torque that their engine can achieve at the average running speed that the vehicle uses.


Truck's tyres are one of the most important commercial truck parts. The tyres are of crucial importance for safe and efficient truck performance. Also, the tyres have significant influence on the fuel efficiency. This said, the more aggressive the pattern of the tyre is, the more fuel is needed for their drag. The maintenance is another segment that has great impact on the fuel consumption. Simply said, if you maintain the tyres properly and regularly they will work at the proper pressure and with that you will ensure their efficient usage down the road.

Gas Strut:

These commercial truck parts are also known as gas springs. Gas springs are common parts for both automobiles and trucks. Main feature of these parts is their ability to exert bigger force by using a compressed gas. The main purpose of the use of the gas strut is to support the handling greater weight of the truck doors.

Oil Pan:

As the name implies, this type of commercial truck parts are used for holding the oil. From this part, the oil that is essential for the functioning of the engine, is distributed through the vessels that carry the oil through the engine parts. The oil pan is most commonly made of metal, although in recent times the use of plastic for this purpose is on the rise.


When it comes to transmission, you probably know that there are two types: manual and automatic transmission. Manual transmission is most commonly found in different types of commercial trucks. This is due to the fact that the manual transmission is more suitable for hauling transportation operations that are performed in rough environment and road conditions that cause additional stress. On the other side, the automatic transmission features circulating of special fluid, which is not recommended for the commercial trucks.

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