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Hub, Drum,

When looking to purchase a new drum or hub for your trailer, you need to be sure of your PCD wheel stud measurement as well as the manufacturer and size of your brakes. To find the measurements of your brakes you need to measure the inner diameter of your brake drum and the width of the brake shoe.

Brake Shoes,

Give your trailer a service at home and save yourself money! Our range of brake shoes from top suppliers means excellent quality parts for much less than you would pay at any service centre. We stock brakes shoes to fit loads of trailers from manufactures such as AL-KO, Knott, and Lockheed.

Brake Lining,

Found in disc brake systems, brake pads are a flat piece of steel with a thick friction material layer on one side. This friction material type varies, depending on vehicle type and size and brake calliper type.

The driver operates the disc brake system by pushing his foot down on the brake pedal. This pushes against the master cylinder, which is basically a piston surrounded by brake fluid. The fluid moves down the brake lines where it forces the calliper to squeeze a pair of brake pads against a brake disc. This, in turn, slows the wheel down. The energy released from stopping your car’s motion is converted into waste heat, which has to be dispersed. As the disc has a relatively quick cooling time, this type of brake offers a better stopping performance than drum brakes. The friction material layer becomes thinner over time, as a result of usage and eventually the brake pads need to be replaced.

Air Brake Parts,

We take great pride in our ability to provide air brake system technical support to our customers, and many of the original equipment manufacturers offer document libraries that they make available for free via downloadable PDF files. Our goal is to make it easy to find the information you need to maintain your air brake system. Let us know if you need help finding info or have a good resource that you'd like to pass along. And don't forget, come see us for all of your air brake system needs.

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