Trailer Parts Suppliers

Jamco Suppliers are suppliers of Trailer parts, accessories and connections. We stock a wide and extensive range of Trailer parts and components suitable for every make and model on the market.

What Trailer Parts Do We Supply?

Brake Shoes
Brake Lining
Spring Packs
Air Brake Parts
Tie-Down Straps
Air Suzi
Black Mamba
7/5 Core Electrical Wire
Hydraulic Jacks
Tail Boards
Air Bag
Brake Booster
Cargo Traps
Slack Adjusters
Twist Lock
Mud Flap & Allied Parts

Here Are Some Trailer Maintenance Tips

Check the air

Tires are a major expense, so they deserve your attention. Proper tire air pressure is key to tire longevity. Since drivers are often too busy to check tires as they should, he recommends tire pressure monitoring or inflation systems.

Three simple checks:

• Verify that the system pressure is set correctly

• Check the auxiliary battery switch (ABS)/auxiliary power fuse

• Check the system shut-off valve position.

More specifically, check regulator pressure at least once a quarter and check the power fuse monthly, since the driver warning lamp will not illuminate without power. The system shut-off valve needs to be checked every time there is a visual inspection of the trailer.

If your tires are properly inflated but you're still seeing tire wear, the problem is probably not with the tires. “Unusual tire wear is an indication you have something wrong with the undercarriage, suspension, shock absorbers or axle alignment.”

Inspect suspensions

Visually inspect suspensions looking for signs of irregular wear, tears or heat cracks on the air springs. Make sure nothing is touching the suspension or interfering with its movement. Also make sure air springs have sufficient and equal pressure.

Make sure the ride height is not too high because it can interfere with safely navigating overpasses. If there is too little air, instead of riding on the air bag, the trailer will ride on the suspension's bumpers, which damages other suspension components.

Lube it correctly

The correct lube in the right amount is essential to proper trailer operation. Grease has three characteristics. The thickening system, grade and performance rating are all important in selecting the right grease.

The performance characteristics of the grease can be harder to find, as not all grease manufacturers put it on the label. Consult with the grease manufacturer to ensure you're getting a grease with the proper performance characteristics.
Make sure you add enough new grease to purge the old grease.

Take time for brakes

On wheel ends with spring brakes applied, look at the angle formed by the air chamber push rod and slack adjuster. That angle should be 90 degrees. If it isn't, the brake is out of adjustment and needs to be fixed.

We suggest checking drum conditions while performing brake or wheel end service. Measure the drums to make sure there is enough material to last until the next maintenance inspection. If it's borderline, replace it.